2004 yz450 bent frame

Well I bent my fame on my 04 yz with the steel tumbing frame everything else is all good so I need to replace the frame and was wondering what all would have to be changed out to use a 06-09 allluminom frame

It would be quite an intense project, you would need to custom fabricate alot of things. The sub frame would not fit, I am unsure about the triple trees but I am doubtful that they would convert. It seems like you would need to weld a bunch of engine brackets everywhere because almost none are compatible to the older 04 motor. I am going off of an 06 frame by the way. the gas tank would not sit correctly and a bunch of other things. Just fix your old frame or simply find another 04 frame. The steal frames are not bad at all, they weigh about the same and the only reason the frames were switched to aluminium is because aluminum is more resistant to corrosion lighter by volume and has other some other high tech hard to explain things that the everyday rider would never notice.

Way too many things would need changing. MXA did a write up on this swap a couple years back; you can search it out for details. The engine is not difficult to get bolted into the '06-'09 frame, and all of your suspension would bolt to it. Here are the big problems:

  • NONE of the plastics from your bike, including the seat, tank, and air box, will fit the newer frame.

  • You will have to fabricate an external oil tank since the frame carries no oil, or convert the engine to a wet sump, which is absolutely not recommended.

A rolling chassis for a later bike might make the project almost feasible, but I doubt it. Not when you can buy a complete '06-'08 for $2500.

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