Mexican Petrol: Ay Caramba!!

I'm doing a run from San Felipe to Mike's Sky Rancho next weekend and I just realized that they don't have a Unocal 76 on every corner with 92 octane. Any suggestions for supplements to the fuel (such as octane boosters)? I will be bringing limited quantities of :) fuel.

Pemex is fine. You can find 93 down there. The gas is better then here in california, it's just that their tanks are old and rusty...add an inline fuel filter and bring a spare. I run it in my truck 5 times a year when I am down there for races...too bad I am missing el mil this week.

Screw you all, west coast bastards!!!!! :)

(jealous city slicker :D )

Thanks, Kritter! :)

Hola! Que paso?

I rode from San Felipe to Mike's Sky Ranch and used Mexico gas. The bike ran just fine.

My 600 and 650 never had any problems w/ Mex gas. I would drain it when you get home. I left my gas valve on for 2 months after I got home w/ Mex gas in the tank and my bike would not run, it took 3 trys cleaning the carb to get it to run right.

Have a Corona for us!

"Have a Corona for us!" (I don't know how to do the quote thing!)

When you say "us", exactly how many are you? I'll only be staying there for one night and I will have to ride the Pig back to Las Misiones.

Or, on second thought :), I'll have one for all of "us".

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