02 ADR WR462 Lighting circuit question

Hi All,

I've got an Aussie 02 WR426, just bringing it back to road legal spec, and I don't seem to be getting any power to the lighting circuit

I've tracked it down to a black wire coming out of the top of the CDI, and a Yellow wire coming down from the left hand switch gear (light switches)

the WR426 manual shows a yellow wire coming back form the CDI, but on the back It's black

Just wondering if anyone knows if these two wires should be connected together

last thing, the black wire has a male bullet connector on it and the yellow has a female terminal, so these makes me think even more they go together

also the attached schematic shows the circuit i'm talking about

what are the things outlined in red?


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Never mind, i took the plunge and joined the yellow and black wire

everything works as they should now (except the horn sounds like a sick frog)

Horns get that way from not being used. It's usually corrosion, and can sometimes be cleaned and your horn will return to normal.

It's a brand new horn

i put it down to being an AC circuit

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