2004 WR450's--where are they

this is probably a stupid question since I already own an 03 KTM 450exc and am not buying a Yam. but where are the 04 WR450's? I was going to buy an 03 WR450 until I did a little research and all fingers pointed to the KTM. But now that I own one and am totally dissapointed with the suspension(too damn stiff), I wouldn't mind taking another look at the Yamaha's. Where are they?????????????

Good question. I'm waiting on mine to arrive. I called the dealer today but still no expected arrival date even though the WR250F is on on the showroom floor.


I keep replying to these "Where are they posts?", because I am impatiently waiting--since ordering last March. Not a stupid question, where are they? Anybody received anything close to me?

Teton, you have been waiting a long time......sometime the dark side calls me while waiting....DRZ400E.....DRZ400E....


Put a deposit down on a 04 wr450f 2 days ago and will pick it up after thanksgiving, only cause I don't have time to pick it up before then.

Dang, the weather has been so perfect here and I can't go pick it up. I bet when I do I'll never get another chance to ride it this year. :)

5spoke, If you only put a deposit down 2 days ago why have you been all over the Where are they posts for the last month or so? :)


If you don't mind me asking, what did you have to give for it????

My dealer called me today and PROMISED it would be in my hands Monday ($5800 OTD)so far, it is 2 weeks late.

5spoke, If you only put a deposit down 2 days ago why have you been all over the Where are they posts for the last month or so? :D

I wouldn't ever buy something that isn't physically available at a dealership, or shop. It doesn't make any sense. I can't believe people put money down so far in advance. There will always be someone that will sell you a bike or anything else if you have the money. I don't believe in the 6-month deposit crap. If you have the money why put a deposit down. When you show up with the money in hand, why would anyone refuse to sell you something they can make money from?

I didn't necessarily want to be the first to get the bike. I could of waited longer if nothing was available. I was trying to find out when they were available and where so I could start calling around and negotiating. How do you negotiate on something that doesn't exist? You don't, that's why I pay $5500 otd and others $7000 plus.

Cheers :)

I'll post a pic of my bike when I pick it up the week after TG.

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