CaN you reuse metal gaskets that have been torqued but not ran

I torqued my head bolts then read its a bad idea to run oem circlips in a pro-x piston so I tore my yz450f apart again. I'm going to go buy pro x circlips. Can I use the gaskets, they were never ran and look like new?

should be no problem, often if they have been run a short time and the black coating is still good you can even get away reusing. the steel base gaskets are good for many reuses the heads maybe one time.for sure you can't use the stock type clip in place of the wire type, they will come out and cause lots of hurt on your cylinder.

Thanks. Once I get the pro-x circlips, I'll feel 100 percent on the rebuild.

NEVER reuse a fully torqued down head gasket. Ever. The base gasket you might get away with, but wouldn't it be annoying to have a coolant leak (possibly into the oil) after you reassemble? You have about a 45% chance of successfully reusing the head gasket, if that.

All right, I'll order another gasket set then too. I definately don't want to have to tear it apart again. Is the oem wrist pin ok in a pro x piston, prox says you can use the pro x wrist pin in a oem piston.

Wrist pins "should" all be compatible. They do have to fit the rod. The only other dimension that bears checking is the end clearance between the pin and the clips, which should be something on the order of 1-2mm.

You don't need a gasket set, just the head gasket and a new base gasket is also a good idea. OTOH, Yamaha's kit may be priced less than these two bought individually.

Well I, having a tough time finding the Pro-x circlips. Im thinking about going with an oem piston and circlips, since I have a set of new oem rings.

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I just ordered a new oem piston, oem wrist pin, oem circlips, oem head and base gaskets. This way I'll know how many hours are actually on the piston and be tottaly confident. :ride: Who carrys a dependable 1/4 inch torque wrench Im tired of borrowing my friends?

You should be able to use the wrist pin, yes.

The key to the circlip issue is this. The clips have to be of the same TYPE as the piston manufacturer provided for, and they have to fit right. If the Pro-x piston uses rings like the first picture below....


...the groove in the piston will be cut with "square" edges. If the rings are of a round wire type, like these....




...then the piston will have a half-round groove machined into it. The circlips have to be of the type the piston is machined for, and the rings have to fit the groove correctly, snapping solidly into place with enough tension to hold them firmly, and be neither too loose nor too tight between the sides of the groove. It is possible to use a round wire ring in a square cut groove IF it fits well in the groove, and the entire diameter of the ring stands high enough to hold the pin, BUT IT IS NOT ADVISABLE except in low performance engines that operate at relatively low RPM (that's not your engine). You should absolutely never install a square section snap ring in a round, wire ring type groove.

Thanks Greyracer. The pro-x situation was a little confusing because most of there stuff is a direct fit with oem. But they do use different circlips. I went and ordered all new oem, to be sure it's all good and correct.

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