looking for TL250 carb kit and exaust system

I have 76 TL250 and am in need of carb kit any suggestions?? also would like to find some one who builds exaust orwho would know of where i can find after market exaust system for it..



Larry, most this Honda stuff is still available from Honda. I work on old bikes, had a couple tl250 I got rid of. I just bought a filter for a '71 honda trail 70 last year... who would have thunk?

But a "carb kit" is an automotive term, hardly applies to bikes. unless you lost parts, or broke that one rubber gasket, you easily clean these carbs, even with an aerosol can of carb cleaner. Just make sure you can blow through the 2 jets, and get all the crap in the bowl is gone, PUT a filter on line from tank, & the bike will run.

About your exhaust that stuff might be rarer than hen's teeth. watching ebay and searching and making your own will be the norm nowdays. I have the same wishes for my TY175 project. Enough people still making stuff for the Yamaha, but everything is pricey as hell. Have not hunted lately for Honda stuff, so sorry this post not as much help.

Just noticed you from KS, where abouts? Me? near Salina.

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im in Nickerson northwest of Hutchinson.. not that far from you. im needing a needle and seat for mine, found online the stuff to rebuild my leaking petcock. when i traded for the bike i spent 2 yrs looking for stock exaust and carb.. had her tuned and running good then let it set the last 9 months or so and everything fouled up.what ive been looking for is piece of exaust tubing to build system from header pipe back and i think i will keep the torque chamber and go fro there back...... no need for stock anymore as im too attached to the Tank and decide to try and lighten it up a bit and change exaust. ive heard a cl or cr 200 exaust system will fit, and have also looked at some of the old 3 wheelers..

maybe when i get it tuned we can go ride some time...


I think craigslist is best place to find all type of vehicles parts. you can use this http://www.searchallcl.com search engine to find in your hometown. i hope this will be helpful for you.

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