Uh-Oh my bike won't roll backwards!

Everything seems fine except sometimes it won't go backwards? I have not had time to investigate it much but it does not seem to be related to the chain or sprockets.

It just jams up and won't go backwards! The clutch has no effect. I don't hear any noise. It seams to be happening more often.

Any suggestions?

Jimmy :)

Its the crummy starter.

Its the crummy starter

Damn that harsh since this starter is manufactured by the "Leg Strong" industry. His sig says its a 98 WR :)

Is it just happening in gear or when its out of gear also?

I would check your wheel bearings, torq on the rear wheel, rear wheel alignment, that the sprockets are both on correctly, the chain guide still has material left.

If it does it only when in gear you may have something going on in the tranny if all the rest of this checks out.

I know it's a bit silly, but check the easy stuff first.

Yamahas have a nasty habit of sucking the shock mud flap into the tire when you roll the bike backwards. That can an will lock up the rear wheel. When I run my big 18" tire for off-road it does it all the time.

Yup your right endurodog but I am having so much fun with this starter business. Sorry to make light of what might or hopefully not be a serious problem. I would rather have electric starter problems than top end problems like the red side. To me the 450 is such an awesome bike the starter is inconsequential. And how would Yamaha get us to buy next years bike if they made it perfect everytime. Tim

The chain is tight on top but slack from front to rear on the bottom, so I am pretty sure the driver sprocket is locking up! I checked to see if I could feel it through the "Kick Start Lever", you know that funny shaped thing on the right side of the antique bikes. :D

I plan to pull the chain and make shure the problem is in front of the driver sprocket. I am guessing it is between there and the clutch since it does not free up when I pull the clutch.

I am getting damn tired of working on this thing. I know it's old but I had heard they were reliable. I've had it one season and have done valve work, sucked up a broken throttle plate, new piston and rings, a couple of other broblems, now this! :D

I guess you gotta pay to play! :)


AHHH, the joys of buying some one else's problem......oops, I mean used dirt bikes. That's why I decided to start buying new a few years ago, at least with dirt bikes and other items that have a high abuse-factor.

Good luck, hope it doesn't get too expensive....

Has anyone been in the gearbox???

I figure I am going in so I would like to be as prepared as possible.

I wonder what else I should do? If I'm gonna' go this deep I might as well do what I can. I'll look at the clutch and inspect everything that the manual suggests but If any of y'all have been here before or have heard of something I should look at or replace while I'm in there please let me know.

Jimmy :)

Before you start taking stuff off your engine, keep that chain on your engine and rear wheel. You can use the rear brake to lock up the rear wheel >> chain >> engine to loosesn up the clutch hub and countershaft sprocket bolts and anything else you may need "Special Tools" for.

One "Special Tool" that really comes in handy is a strap wrench. It works GREAT for clutch hubs if you are like me and yank off the countershaft, chain, rear wheel BEFORE loosening up those clutch hub bolts! :)

BTW, my first, unfortunate guess would be it is in your transmission (them broken parts you replaced that may be floating around...???). But as mentioned already, check the EASY stuff first. It beats splitting the cases.

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