Hi everyone, first timer here.

Does anyone know how hard it is to install the B.D. quick release dual sport kit or is it best to let those guys install it? I'm on a tight budget.

I'm trying to beat the deadline for California.

It's very easy to do it yourself - I think five bolts to replace the rear fender, two to take the seat off, two to pull the tank and then just follow the simple instructions. No mechanical aptitude necessary as far as I'm concerned and the directions are crystal clear. It should take about an hour, no more than two and will also give you a chance to inspect the rest of the bike closely.

what he said. i did their regular kit and IT was a no brainer, and I'm no wrench.

Plus then you know what's what in there. :)

Piece a cake :)

If you're on a budget the regular kit is cheaper and probably not that much harder to install.

Thanks for your input, I'll give it a try.


I have that kit also & the handel bar switch left me broke down one time so remember this the black & white wire is what disconect's the unit from the bike. If I would have known that on the road it woukd of saved me alot of time :)

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