Cant start my 4 stroke!

Hey guys, just been having no luck in getting my Yamaha 07 YZ450f started, it all started after i went for a ride and forgot to turn the fuel on. After it stalled i tried to start it again and didnt start after trying all the tricks in the book. so i let the bike sit over night thinking that it was flooded and tried again the next day. no luck the bike was sooooooooo hard to kick as well never been that had to kick down. so took the spark plug out ( which was wet and sank of fuel) and kicked it over felt and sounded normal replaced the spark plug. gave it another shot still the bike was near impossible to kick and did not want to start :banghead: . any one got any suggestions or thoughts ?????

clean the carb. since leaving the fuel on the gas gunks up in the carb and jets from sitting.

Check your timing.

Since you were riding and ran out of gas, I'm going to completely discount the notion that there is a plugged jet involved. However, the difficulty you're having with kicking the engine through is a giveaway clue that your cam timing skipped. Check it.

If it's wrong, replace the cam chain and the tensioner.

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