I am looking for a set, or at least the rear rim, spokes and hub for my 00 426. Anybody help me out.


There is one on eBay

Dude, I can't find it. Can you type in the url? I would be greatly appreciative!




if you got cash, (like the topic says), why don't you put some trick excel rims on... blue looks cool on yamahas, as does gold. i'm sure excel can hook you up with some type of spoke package, too.

...Well, I do have money. But, I have it cause I am a smart buyer? The package you are reffering to will run me about 1200 bucks. I was hoping someone else had already spent the big bucks,(like you suggested) and might have a set laying around. I trash rims. I go through a set a year. Cracked hubs, bent or broken spokes, wallowed rims, after all I am a SPODE!


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