clutch cable?

So I started my bike up and put it in gear on the stand and the tire start to turn more then it should. I tried adjusting the cable but nothing helped the tire is spinning just as much with the clutch engaged as it does when its disengaged. I'm leaning towards the cable being stretched and needing replacement. Any other ideas? Thanks

on the stand isn't a good indication,try it on the ground and let out the clutch until you get drag.Leave a lil bit of slack in the cable when adjusted just to make sure the clutch is fully engaged.Its normal for the tire to spin on the stand even in neutral as there is allways some drag on gears and such transmitted through the spinning shafts and oil between gears.With all that said its possible you have a bad clutch,like warped plates causing it not to fully disengage with the clutch pulled in.

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