Whats considered low hours?

Im looking to buy my son a 2009 crf100- the guy sats it has low hours at 95. 95 hours seems beat to me. What is considered low hours?

low hours would be 40 or under for a race bike ------ but for a pit bike/children's bike --- its probably not hurt at all at 95, but it depends on the owner's maintenance habits

i guess it kind of depends, atleast for me. on my race bikes i almost consider less than 20 low hours and 20-50 medium and anything above 50 high hours. one of my buddys does have one of my old bikes with stock everything and 200 hours on it :jawdrop: . now even though its a crf100 it doesnt mean it wasnt horsed around, one of my other buddys had one of those and even though it looked great it was road to rev limiter and hammered on. so i would say 95 is high

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A single cylinder air cooled four stroke Honda motor should last a long time. But like all others will say....much of it depends on how the previous owner(s) maintained the bike.

I would go by the condition its in more then what the owner says how many hours is on it. Without an hour meter or a very detailed log of hours and service, its pretty hard to guess the number of hours on a bike. Especially one that is 2+ years old. Chances are its had well over 95 hours. So now I would inspect the bike to get a better understanding of how it was treated. Look at the air filter, check the wheel bearings, check the compression, look underneath the frame, check the brake pads and rotors and so on.

Yeah, without an hour meter, it's just a guess anyway. Given an oil change once in a while and riden by a child around the yard/field, at 95 hours it could still be like new. As others have said, go by the general condition of the bike, not the rough guess of the hours on it.


The bike has a meter on it so 95 is acurate unless hes unplugged it once in a while. I will do a comp test as standard- i just think 95 is kind of high

95 hours on a bike thats 4 years old is pretty average to me. Thats about 25hrs a season. Are you getting a decent deal on it?

95 hours is low for a bike like that.

They usually get ridden more, cause they are slow and quiet, and you can ride them anywhere.

We used to put 200 hours a year on our XR80's.

I do 200+ a year now on my 450x

I would not worry AT ALL about the hours. It's barely even broken in!

Condition is everything.

At the very least:

Oil should smell like oil, not burnt toast.

Bottom frame rails should have no flat spots

Rims should be straight and ding-free

All spokes should be tight and no stripped nipples

If you don't have any of the above, it's probably not abused.

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