690 Idling Problems

So I just bought a 2008 690 Enduro with only 3600 miles. Got a great deal IMO... However, the single issue I'm having with this bike is the initial idling of the engine. When I was checking it out at the seller's house, he had to start it up several times before it would hold its idle... the temperature was around 60 degrees. After gaining its idle, i took it around the block a few times to check out the power. WOW, it's got some grunt! Once back in the driveway it held its idle like it should. After the purchase I got it home, and same thing. When the engine is cold, it just wont hold at idle. I have to start it anywhere from 3-5 times and rev the engine to about 3K rpm to get the engine to hold at idle. I know in the long run its going to zap my battery capacity starting the engine that many times, just to get it going. Makes me not want to ride it for any long distance till I get this fixed. So, where should I start? Pull the fuel pump and check/ clean the filter? Or does this sound like an EFI problem?

Remove your fuel injector and have it professionally ultra-sonically cleaned and checked for spray pattern & pulse.

Thanks for the input.... so where's a good place to send it off to? And how much do you think that might run me?

-Also... here's some more info:

I started it up this morning, with the same gas in it as the day before and the temp was in the high 30's. BAM! She's idling and holding at 2K rpm, just sounding all sorts of pretty. The bike didn't come close to hesitating, or dying. So now I'm all excited and after letting her warm up, i zoom off to the gas station to put new gas in the tank. After putting in some primo unleaded, she starts that bad idling crap again. Im pretty sure the TPS setting need to be tweaked, cuz the engine must've been way warmer.

Plz let me know your thoughts.

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