kawasaki kx100 with kx80 engine

Hi just wondering if any one knows if a Kawasaki kx80 engine 86 model would fit str8 into a Kawasaki kx100 1990 rolling frame? the years are a rough estimate. i just rebuilt my kx80 engine top to bottom all new parts so id like to keep the kx80 engine as im happy with it but needing a bigger bike on low budget. that why id like to put kx80 engine into kx100 frame. if any one knows would be grate for a reply thanks

The KX100 is nothing but a KX80 with a bigger bore. If I'm not mistaken you get the big wheel 80's in the UK, so it should fit bolt on. You won't have a bigger bike though.

IIRC the newer 100s are only a little bigger than the 85s. Im not sure if that applies to the old 100s and 80s.

100's are just 3/4 inch longer in the tank and steering head area to what i hear and going to a big wheel version is about as big as them bikes get

Loop out city dude i saw one of the brown's brothers down at the rmc indoor track and was out ridding around a cr 125 in one of their aluminum chassis that was cr 80 based. When asking about it said the bike was actually harder to ride this way required lots of throttle control to ride safely. All that work and you would of been further ahead just building a 125 with shortened suspension.

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