Top end valve train wear etc?

Hi i have just bought a wr 400, 2000 from a friend, i know the bikes history and it has ran around 8000 miles. The oil and filters have been changed regulary but any other other cheaks ie top end valve train cheaks were few and far between. so i have had a look and was very suprised to find the valve clearance was within spec and the shims are at the top end of the numbers within the range (175 to 186) cam lobes and bearings all good and within spec.the bike runs great and dose not burn oil the compresion is around the 150 mark so just a question about the longevity of parts in the top end realy , even though it has done a few miles the bike has not been thrashed and just used for green lane and light trail use, so any advise about this would be greatly apreciated. ps ive read a lot of threads on here and am a bit con fused as some people are saying change all parts regardless and others say its ok as long as the measurments are within spec ??

kind regards


The Yamaha engine is incredibly reliable if taken care of! And will last many, many thousands of miles with proper maintenance. If you change the oil regularly, and stay off of the rev-limiter, you won't have any issues reliability wise.

That is good advice,my 07 wr450 is rode every week dirt.Valves still in spec.BTR

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