Bogging again.......#%&#

Gotta pull the carb again as the 200 is boggin again. Did this a few rides ago and i pulled the carb and cleaned it and BAM ok. I turn the fuel off after every ride and im running 93 otn fuel and motul 800 @ 50/1. Im going to add a filter this week but it's not really dirt in it. Just woundering if the gas is causing this (ethina)??

I"ve found some brands of fuels will foul a plug. Outright. Wont start style.

Otherwise can you just drain the bowl and save some time?

Removed the carb and found a little dirt but the main problem is the main jet was cracked at the base of the threads, it broake off when i

reinstalled it. Luckly i had another 170 in my tool bag. The original was a 170S (S) the one in my bag was a 170 no (S).

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