Down size

Hey all,

They say practice makes prefect.

Well I have been practicing trying to "drift" the bike around in the corners.

Sadly the bike likes to slide out from under me.

Yes my bike is taking a beating from this.

I am wondering if this is some thing thats easyer to learn on a smaller bike

Like a 250f or a 125?

Or maybe something smaller than that

I think a 450 is easier to "drift". They make a lot of smooth power that is easier to modulate. Look for some deeper sand if you want to learn.


maybe let off the gas a little earlier so you dont fall down :excuseme:

Check out how these guys do it, Find a small trail bike CRF/TTR and have a ball.

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I've raced everything from 500 2ts to 80s, my honest answer is a good 125/150/200/250f is the best all around bike for anyone under 200 lbs and up to pro. The new 450 are by far the worst, yes Ive raced them,or Ill say I tried to race them. This is offroad racing only though.

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We can trade bikes???

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