2006 WR 450 Timing / Cam Chain

Hi Guys, been looking through the manual and tt, but not really getting the answers i need. I'm looking to change my cam chain and tensioner and guides. Is it possible to do this job by just removing the cam cover and the stator cover and flywheel? Or can it only be done by also removing the head and the cylinder? The history of the bike is unknown to me (shows 7000km on the odo) and i'm getting a cam chain rattle and it has already slipped a few teeth in the intake cam (no other obvious damage to valves etc). I was hoping i could get the chain off the cam pulleys, drop it and remove it through the stator opening once i pull the flywheel. Then just do the reverse for the new chain. Any thought or hints and tips will be appreciated.

No need to remove the head and cylinder but at least one cam will have to come out....maybe both. Can't remember how much clearance there is between cam sprocket and cam chain tunnel.

Yes, you will have to remove the head to get out the cam chain guide. The cylinder head holds one of the guides in place. The other is bolted on down by the crank. Personally, I doubt you need to replace the guides, as I've never seen them worn much at all. But I understand wanting to have all new parts in there.

Thanks for the replies guys, I'm waiting on the timing chain and the puller coming and I hope to tackle it next week, I'll keep you posted.

All back together now and runs great. Real long wait for the puller and it was 80 bks (welcome to Alberta!!!) and 30 for the chain, just glad I've got a running bike now, bring on spring. Although a 70km to work and 70 back was enough for my butt for a few weeks anyway. Thanks again for your help guys!

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