Flag holders!

I'm looking for a flag holder for my dirt bike. 2004 crf450r. I'm looking for one that hooks up the side panel. Everyone yells me the swing arm one with break your flags. So please send me a link to find a good one! Thank you!

Yea I saw that one and liked it but I wasn't sure if it would fit my bike

I have broken many flags. What I found works best is a billet rear axle mount and stainless flag.

I really would rather just get the side panel bracket

I really would rather just get the side panel bracket

Either way get a stainless flag, you will break flags when you ride a dirt bike in the sand. Where are you planning on riding? There are some good trail riding in all all of the Oregon dunes.

Well I'm in the army and I live in Washington. So my bike is back in AZ so glamis. But I was thinking on bringing g it up here so I can take it to the Oregon dunes

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