Cherry bomb crbm


I've just bought a rmx450 and have been looking for a cherry bomb crbm for it but I'm unable to find one for sale as I understand they have been discontinued unless I buy a complete exhaust and then they come with it unit,

Any of you guys know of any place that might have one in stock or know of any 2nd hand ones for sale?

Any info gladly taken on board

Is there an alternative on the market?

Im guessing the ltr 450 (quad one ) wont fit

Just to add to my post before..

I realize that you cant order from that website but you could contact the UK yoshimura distributor and maybe they can find one for you. When i bought my RMX in 2011 they were eveywhere. Every parts website had them. And I believe youre right, the quad version wont work on the bike.

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Old thread I know but I got one a couple months ago by itself in OZ with out much trouble at all. Bout $50.

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