Smith Goggles

Has ayone used the Smith SME black OTG goggles. are they good? confortable? Good quality?

I wasn't going to use this site anymore, but seeing as I received my Smith goggles not to long ago I can help a fellow rider out. I too have the OTG and they seem to fit nicely. The grip on the strap is nice and tacky, clear, but it might just be my helmet I have to have the strap fully stretched to just get around my helmet. Strap seems a little short. Also depending on how wide your glasses are, the foam on the inside of the goggles might hit them.

That's what mine do and I am thinking of giving them to my Dad, getting contacts and never having to worry about OTG goggles fitting.

This problem could be of course my glasses being bent to hell, or my helmets opening being slightly slimmer than most. I have a Dual Sporting helmet, which is capable of a goggle and shield combo. I took the shield off because it was more irritating than helpful and the goggles seem to squeeze in tightly.

For the $15 or so they are worth it.


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