350 EXC-F oil?

What oil are people running in their 350 EXC-F? Manual of course calls for 10w50 or 10w60, and I know they're big on Motorex, but at near $20/quart, that seems insane to me. I've always run Mobile1 4T 10w40 in my bikes (that call for 10w40), and at $8/quart it's a lot more palatable. For as often as I dump the stuff, the cost of the motorex just seem exorbitant.

I've only used the oil the manual recommends but I don't pay $20 a quart. You can buy it online for $15 or if you buy the 4 quart jug it's around $14 a quart. So even if you use Mobile one for $8 a quart, (Since the bike takes around 1.2qts) your only paying a $8 more and using the recommended brand if you choose motorex. And trying to save $8 on a 10k bike isn't something I recommend.

Edit: You can go to Chaparral's website since your out of state and buy it for the prices I listed. And they always have coupons or sales if your on their mailing list.

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you can use a motul 300V 15w-60 it is a fenonemenal oil based on ester technology witch is developed for motocross and enduro use.

I run the recommend motorex oil. :thumbsup:

Rotella 15/40. Works awesome.....use it in all my bikes, 160hrs alone on my 500exc. I do run a stainless steel oil filter too.

Motorex is great oil I'm sure, but the cost is just not worth it IMO. Run the Mobil1 4T or Rotella, change it often.

motorex is great oil for engine but not for clutch it burns it much quicker then the motul we all use motul for extreme enduro when you put the motorex in engine after 2hours the oil is black and smels like it was burning, but when you use motul it newer goes black ;)

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