clutch please help! rmz 450

Just got a rmz 450 05. Ran it for a while put it up on the stand. while off Clicked it into 1st and pulled in the clutch and tried spinning the rear tire and wouldnt budge. Is this normal? It seems fine when running. And ive checked the cable seems good. Also bought it from a dealer so i dont understand it. Whats happening here ppl?

My 07' does that as well. Hook us up with some info.

Clutch drag. Its a 450. They have alot of clutch drag.

Normal then?

Yes. Normal. There is things you can do to make it so that if you put bike in gear and pull clutch in it will move easier. Basically make sure basket isnt notched,plates all good and not warped. Remove judder springs. I race harescrambles and dead engine starts in gear require clutch to wrok good. I torque basket a little lighter. I clean up the inner hub and basket fingers,polish push rod. Keep fresh springs. I can push my bikes in gear after doing all this. I have a rekluse in my 450 though. So its a bit different,but same stuff applies.

How often do u go thro your clutch. In hours? It seems simple enough to do yourself? Never done it.

I inspect the clutch before every race and typically put new plates and springs in once a year. Im not really hard on clutches. Some guys can smoke a clutch in one ride. If you think you have a clutch problem,just open it up and inspect. I would at least take clutch apart once a year and just check it over.

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