Need an estimation on how much i should sell 4?Quick please :)

Could anyone tell me how much roughly speaking for a 03 yz250F with the valves gone and the back wheel bearing gone. Bike has been sitting up for about 3 weeks. The bike ran 3 weeks ago. I tried starting it 1 week ago and no luck but non running how much should i sell it for roughly speaking

l am only new to the forums. I would come on here and just get loads of tips on what to/not to do on this site never had to post before.





I suggest getting the bike looked at by a decent mechanic. It could be something small and therefore be easy and inexpensive to fix. A running biike is always worth a lot more than a non-running one.


Based on the condition externally and unknown motor work needed. I would say $800/obo to start and let someone offer you less.

Or go the route of figuring out why it wont start, if it can be done cheaply enough to be worth the inspection/ parts to fix/ time. With the condition of the bike, the value is still not going to be all that high to most people. Looks like it could use some other work/ going through (whether it does or not).

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thanks for the quick replies lads!.truth is i have the skills to recondition the engine to near perfection as i have a degree in maintenance.i do however not have the time,tools or money at the moment.heart is broke i have to sell it.i live in ireland and ive a buyer coming out 2moro to look at her.i had it up for 600€ in the add.and dicussions are at 400€ so i was just double checking to see if im about to rip myself off by selling it at that price.might tell him to touch on.and see if i can get some1 else to buy her for near 500€.thanks again. :ride:

If it ran decent I would say about $1200.00 OBO. Not running you might get $500-$700.00 maybe.

A degree in maintenance. That's a new one. Which university offers that course. Is it a four year course ?? Do you intend on getting your masters or even completing a doctorate ??

Hmmmmm :rolleyes:

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