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I desperately miss trail riding. Singletrack, open woods, screaming down fire roads, etc. Tight singletrack has always been my fav on my mtn bike. Its even better on a bike. Im looking for a bike to do a little bit of everything. Minimal dual sport kinda riding. But, I do wanna have it legal. Lots of approved forestry places to ride want a legal bike. Riding connecting roads, etc.

Im pretty set on finding a late model WR450. My DR650 was my only/everything bike. So it had to be a compromise. But, with the addition of my new Explorer, I sold my dr last week. Im ready to get back in the woods. Nasty mud holes, creek crossings, down trees, hill climbs, etc. My riding has suffered the last few years due to a financial set back. I simply worked and worked nearly the last 2 years pulling myself back up. Im determined to get back into good shape. Ride my mtn bike to work to gain back some endurance, hit the weights hard again, and get some technical riding in on my mtn and moto to get my skills back. Im a firm believer in "use it or lose it". Reguardless of your age. And working myself to exhaustion nearly every day the last 20 months or so Ive been losing it. Need my speed and coordination back.

Anyhow, that being said, i wanna invest in some decent gear. I know trying to ride harder, and having a bike 1000X better than I ever had growing up, Im gonna go down a bit more. Obviously, I wanna get some basic stuff done by the time its decent enough outside for long ridng days.

Im gonna have everything as minimal as possible to have it legal here in ohio. Probably flush signals, folding mirror, etc Again, I wanna ride this hard, and its inevitable its gonna get crashed.

Hand guards to protect the levers when I dump it(and to some extent my hands)

Decent skid plate

Rad guards

It will get derestricted. Basic stuff. I gotta believe from what Im reading, the basic stuff will be more than enough to satisfy my power needs. Seems to be very strong right otta the box. Not to mention litterally 100 lbs lighter than my DR650. But, what air box mods are being done? Is it just the snorkel? Im unsure on what Im gonna do with the muffler. Least remove the pea shooter. Depends on the price of the bike I find. Is there a jetting difference in the derestricted muffler vs like a FMF? I assume the stock muffler, even modified, has a spark arrester?

What about cooling mods? Havent found much mentioned,yet it boiling seems common. A high water coolant mix will be added for the summer months along with some kinda additive(engine ice, water wetter, etc) to promote cooling efficiency.

Ive been working a little less, so Ive had more free time. If I can get out as much as I realistically want to and ride, hopefully Ill get more into it. Keep my skills progressing, etc. Even thought about a spare wheel set up with a tubeless trials tire set up for out screwing around on some more difficult/wet/rocky rides. Frequently in the mountains of PA and those rocky trails. Although, I do need to find someplace closer to home to ride on a regular basis. Even thought about some trialer tricks Ive come across like drilling/strapping the shifter/brake lever to keep them from being bent to hell in a crash or dump

Suggestions to get me back out in the woods while keeping my bike intact and reliable? I try and research where I can.

Any help is appreciated. Even suggestions on set ups or beloved riding gear. thanks

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I am from Ohio and ride Pa all the time. You are lucky because Ohio is ez to do a conversion in. I have a crf450x I have converted to a dual sport. I used Baja designs parts for it and did a custom kit. I had used them for a xr400 and a xr650r before. I also have a xr250l and a xr650l. I am a big guy so I like the power of the 450 and I am just a Honda guy. 14 and counting.

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