My Tribute to KW14, post yours here!


A videos of one of his transfers from A2 2011 that I filmed, sorry video is kidda poor!!

And as an insane fan I made #14 # plate for my face and I wore to the race for support!!

supercross anahein 2    2-5-2011 040.JPG

This was the first MX National me and my wife attended. Horrible day for racing, torrential down pours all day, Windam rode like a stud and pulled off a 1-1 for the day in the worse track conditions I've seen. I watched the whole race last night to remember the great times we've had in MX, and as a tribute to KW, and all the great times we've had cheering for him.

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This one time in a truck stop bathroom......

St.Louis 2012

Here is an autographed jersey I have, along with a picture I drew for a project. It is a stipple drawing, done in pen. I have a few other autographed items also. And when I was just getting on 125s, I ran the #38 on my 97 YZ125 (in 1998). I need to find a pic of that bike. Anyways, ya I have always admired the guy, as most MX fans have.


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I don't know how to add a link, but my fav is the 99 usgp at budds creek!

KW14 wins last lap over CR22 2008 Daytona "Mud Race"

Pictures from A2 2011 A 2010

supercross anahein 2    2-5-2011 090.JPG

supercross anahein 2    2-5-2011 085.JPG

supercross2010 127.JPG

My tribute is to build a time machine and go back in time and ensure he gets a championship


Kdub holding off Carmichael in 2005 at Unadilla. I got lucky with the shot!!!

I'll simply add that K-dub has always been a class act and the sport will not be the same without him. Glad he is leaving healthy and ready to tackle whatever comes next.


this was when i really started liking KW. this was a great race for awhile. Of course I was about 15years old at the time so I was looking up to these guys.

Yeah that east/west shootout was a good one too. I still have it on vhs somewhere.

They look like there going so slow than now a days ha. Buy k dub was definitely one of my favorite riders of all time! I just wish he would of finished out this season.

2001 Washougal National.

KW and RC duked it out thru both motos, with KW winning both.

Probably the most exciting race I've ever witnessed. The whole place was going bananas.

2011 Hangtown National I believe it was 2011 when he lead the opening laps.....that was the loudest i have heard hangtown and just amazing


i have his bar pad from a budds creek national. yeah, i know, i had to work hard for that memento

With his retirement... Supercross lost a huge amount of class and style.

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