Differences between xr250 and xr400 suspension?

Are there any? Went and test rode an 04 xr400 and it felt great. I'm 6'1 and 210lbs. I'm leaning xr400 for street legal purposes too, but a buddy swares that the 250 is suprisingly capable. So if it isin fact "capable" that's cool (for trails and whatnot), but I just dont want to dump money into bringing the suspension up to par. The stock 400 felt decent to me.


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Have both. Weight 200. The xr400 has the better suspension, 43mm vs 41mm and a real cartridge fork. My xr250r is great on trails but speeds above 40 mph seem to overwhelm. It's sprung right for my weight. I have the steering stem and extra xr400 forks ready to go on when I get a round tuit. For wht it's worth the xr250r feels and is real nimble. People with the 280 or 300 kit and xr400 forks regard it as the real deal. Depends on where you ride most. Xr400 is a good general all round bike. Open dez it beats the xr250r, twisty sand washes not so much. Single track xr250r hands down. Much more comfy. Street for me is a toss up. Xr250r is revvy. Got my xr400 forks and clamps for $50 waiting to go on the xr250r fwiw.

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For your size its the xr4.

Hey guys, thanks for comments. I was hoping it was essentially the same bike but smaller motor. I could possibly live with less power for trails. Since not the case, I agree......xr400. Cheers.

Yep. Just got back from 200 miles out in the Borrego desert. Xr400 best all arounder. Better suspended.

I've got both the XR250 and the XR400... and don't see a huge difference between the suspensions of the two. Both work great for trail riding.

For tight trail riding, if you're less than 6ft tall, you'll probably do better on the XR250. If you're tall enough for the XR400, it has quite a bit more grunt.

I like the XR250 for most trail riding, where you can't really use that much power, anyway. It's more nimble, is shorter, and feels less top heavy. Where you've got more open spaces is where the XR400 starts to shine.

I did install stiffer fork springs in the 250, and currently have the 400 forks apart for the same thing, as well as the shim stack mod.

Good Luck!

When my buddy had his WR450, he let me ride his XR400 a couple hundred miles around Baja. It has stock jetting and is tough to start, in part because it sits for weeks at a time. I just got new jets and a new needle to fix that problem. I didn't like kicking the 400 so I got an XR250. It's super easy to kick start with any shoe. The 400 is heavier and taller than the 250. My 250 has 10" travel where the 400 has 12" travel. I like the power of the 400 and the fact that I can spin the rear wheel with that torque whenever I want. Both bikes can eat up the desert pretty well. You have to downshift and rev the 250 more than the 400. Both bikes have four gallon desert tanks now so we have a range of over 200 miles. I get 60mpg revving away while the stock 400 gets 56mpg with a fuel-conserving light touch on the throttle.

Xr4 is 11 inch travel.I have many xr4s- xr250s even Im only 5/10 the xr250 for me (for anything but day rides)is too small to sit on for that long)your over 6 ft xr4.For tight single track,even hill climbs XR300.Will out run the xr4.BTR

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