Exhaust coming out PV breather tube

hey people, im still in the break in stages of topend rebuild on my 95 rmx250, i have been noticing that when i first start er up till it warms there is some visible exhaust coming from pv tube. this is the first time ive seen this from the bike. what would cause this? blow by at rings? or pv not sealing correctly? also, i even took the cyl to local service dept. and had them look at it and give it their blessing. their opinion was same as mine, looks dang good.

Completely normal, thats why the PV has a breather tube. Never looked at a RMX cylinder but on the RM for example there is a tiny hole in the top of the exhaust port to allow flow into the PV area for lubrication.

umm.. k! thats what i wanted to hear thanks BC.

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