First bike

Hello, I'm 16 and looking for a decent powered dirtbike but not too much power, avoiding injury. I know how to ride a clutch on atv's but have no experience with dirtbikes. I am looking for a bike to ride trails and occasional jumping. I'm 5'6 130 and looking for the right bike. My current options are a 2013 yamaha ttr-125, honda crf150f, kawasaki klx140, and a suzuki dr-z 125. Thanks.

Id get a ttr 225 be about the right height for u n have anuf power.

TTR230 or CRF230, i ride my dad's TTR sometimes.. a ball of fun and EASY too ride.

Go with a crf250r perfect for your height and weight

kawasaki klx 140?? highest cc im going is 150

get a 125 2 stroke

Than go with a crf150r

You're tall enough for a full size bike, So the klx/crf would probably be a little cramped...125 would be pretty good.

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