Missing filter cover round o-ring?

In performing the my first oil change on my new to me xr650r it appears that the small round o-ring in the area of the long cover bolt is missing. Also, the diagram in the owner's manual apparently shows a dowel at this location? I completed the oil change without replacing the small round o-ring and dowel.

How critical is this?

The o-ring that follows the perimeter of the filter cover is in good condition and there are no leaks.



It turns out that no parts are missing from the diagram you provided or from the photo in the factory shop manual that I recently aquired!

Curiously, the owners manual diagram DOES distinctly show a small (1/4" diamter or less) o-ring and what appears to be a dowel at the oil supply hole inside right side/front of the filter cover. I'm not sure why the owners manual shows something different, but I do trust the factory shop manual with its black&white photographs more.

I wish I could attach an image from the owners manual to show that I'm not crazy by seeing what appears to be a missing o-ring!

Here's the only relevant bit I can see in the manual..Don't know which part you mean but if it's all fine carry on..


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The small format owners manual that comes with the bike with green cover printing distinctly shows a small round o-ring in addition to the large perimeter o-ring. I have the same black and white photos in my factory shop manual that do not show it and I trust that more. I will have to scan and post the diagram from the owners manual for all to understand what I am seeing.


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