Which style jet?

I want to get some spare main jets for my 2005 kx250, and frankly am too lazy to yank mine out of my bike to see which style it is. My manual shows a pic of a long hex head, which I believe is a coarse pitch, is this the correct style?


Why don't you get off your lazy ass then and go look? Maybe learn a few things first hand........

Edit: I forgot this..... :thumbsup:

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No way man, I am pooped. Rode yesterday and today, and planning to ride tomorrow. I did manage to set my air gap and seal up leaky clutch cover today, as well as walk my dogs. For some reason my girlfriend is pissed at me ( I think, but who can tell?).

There are two lengths of that type of jet, not sure which one you have....





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Thanks monk, it's a keihin carb.

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