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Testing diferent needle jets combos on my 200xc-w

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I am trying to understand the jetting process here are some results i felt and a couple of questions:

Bike: ktm 200 xc-w 2009

Rider: Lower intermediate woods rider.

Riding: Enduro.

Location and climate: Sea level

Summer 70-95 degrees Winter 50-70 degrees High humidity 75%-85%

I have been test driving diferent combos, in order to learn the diference in feel of richer and learner combos.

I am amazed about the diference it feels between the ones i have tried, for example:

38 Pilot

JD red 3rd clip

168 Main

1 1/4 As

This was the leanest combo i have tried, dont want to go any leaner than this. It made the bike feel pretty responsive and "light". I dont know why but the bike felt lighter.

This was by far the best combo for riding over obstacles on flat ground (big logs, raised ruts, rocks, dirtches, etc...) the bike reved very fast so on tech climbs it was kind of sketchy. The bike felt stronger as you were past mid revs, i needed to use the clutch a lot on steep climbs, but as soon as the bike reached mid revs it all cleared up. I was always keeping the bike on top.

40 Pilot

JD red 4th clip

168 Main

1 1/2 AS

This is the richest combo i tried that worked without fouling plugs or making the bike feel like a tractor.

I was surprised about the diference in bottom end power. I could climb steep hills without the need to feather the clutch and run higher gears than with the combo on top.

The bike felt really boring and heavy, again i dont know why but it felt hard to control at times, it seems that the bike took longer to pull then the motor concentrated all the HP and projected you stronger.

Tech climbs were easy as the bike lugged over them and it smoothed traction bumps.

But once the bike reved it felt fat and heavy as i tried to described before, it was better to ride it a gear higher.

My questions are:

1) If i want to keep the stronger pulling bottom end but want a cleaner mid top.

I should keep the richer 40 pilot and move the red needle to the 3rd clip? (I have a 2nd option i could use teh JD blue needle on the 3rd clip this would be something like going 1/2 a clip leaner than the red needle at 3rd clip)

Is my logic correct?

2) If i ride the bike at 6000ft above sea level is there a formula to achieve similar results?

86 - 64 summer

77- 50 winter

20%-30% humidity

For example i checked the Ktm manual and for that height/temp it sugest to go one needle leaner and 2 clip positions up. Drop one pilot and 3 main jet sizes.

So this would translate into something like this:

For the lean combo: For the rich combo:

36 pilot 38 pilot

jd blue 1st clip Jd red 2nd clip

162 main 162 main

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you never mentioned any change on the AS, many times the AS can be the subtle change on the bottom. Yes, a richer pilot setting can make it smoother cuz its richer= less hyper. The needle is the main culprit in a KTM 2st so you are on the right track there.

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Remember, the pilot delivers fuel all the time, across the throttle range. It only really affects the off idle. I typically choose a richer pilot for winter and tailor the needle position and AS to what the conditions are.

Really hard to tell what you are doing when making more than one change at a time. You just need to test the other combos. it is part of the learning process and you will be better for it.

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