Kx 100 Idle issues

So i just bought myself a used 2000 kx100 and theres a few issues with it. The main thing is it wont idle, if you let of the gas it will just die which makes it very hard to kick start. I had my friend tear down the top end and make sure the piston in it was good which it is brand new. Now bear with me because this is my first bike so i dont know much about what im talking about. My friend thinks that the coil is bad because apparently if it is theres not enough spark to keep it going. so that the main issue.

Also if yall could tell me where to get some parts for it too that would be great. It needs new plastics and also a new kick start lever because the one on there is bent to hell. But yea if yall could tell me what you think the problem is with the idle on it that would be great.


another thing he also cleaned the carbie out too.

Check that the Idle screw set correctly.

If it runs and idles with the choke ON and then you turn the choke OFF and it dies,its usually a blocked pilot jet or the pilot jet circuit has a partial blockage in it somewhere,check it again and replace the pilot jet.

Also check that the air screw is set properly and that the seal on the air screw is not worn along with other seals in the carb.

What did your friend clean the carb with?

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I'll second this. Look up a diagram of the carb. (It's not as bad as it looks)

Take out the jets clean with carb cleaner, and blow air through them.

Reinstall jets. Reinstall carb.

Kick it over. No Change?

Mess with your idle screw. (Its the black one with the little spring around it). Also it you are super off on your pilot screw setting..this could be an issue.

Also when adjusting. Only adjust when the bike is at operating tempuraters. Not when you first start it. Good luck :)

Don't use carb cleaner unless its motorcycle specific,it destroys rubbers inside the carb.

Been there,done it!use brake cleaner instead.

As suggested above,get hold of a diagram and pull it down for thorough cleaning.

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