Problem with intake hose falling off intake side of carb

I searched but couldn't find anything on this subject.

but i seem to have an issue with the intake rubber hose falling off the intake side of the carb. when its at rest, that intake tube seems to sit about 1/2" from the carb. so it requires me to stretch it to fit to the car. so this seems to fall off from time to time which causes me great pain when it happens when on the road :lol:

anybody have this issue? i am thinking about making an alu spacer to go between the head and the rubber hose 1/2" thick to space the carb back a bit so that the hose fits normally. any issues with this?

Thanks for any help.


So the rubber engine side intake manifold comes away from the carb,,is that correct???

You have to give the carb a good deal of pressure to get it to fit into the manifold correctly,,are you sure you have it pushed all the way home and that the clamp is holding it correctly???

Posts slightly vague..You don't mean the air filter side intake hose do you???,,If so loosen the bolts holding the air filter box,,jiggle it a bit then mount the pipe to the carb and do up the hose clamp. Then retighten the air filter box holding bolts..

Still won't fit that side..Get an old m/c inner tube..smallish diameter. Cut a 7 inch length..Apply a bit of fuel to its inner side and drag it back over the air intake pipe. It'll seal perfectly adequately around the current connection pipe without requiring a clamp,,Leave enough hanging off the front to mount to the carb..Pull it over the carb side,,do up the clamp.,,trim if needed...Rustys ideas also good about reaming the holes a bit..


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I had a similar problem with an '85 200. As Horri said loosen the air box bolts. That helped some then I ground the frame taps so the air box could get slightly closer to the carb. Worked like charm. Just grind the mounting holes a little in the direction of the carb.

I had to do this on my 88 xr600 after installing a bigger xrl shock...the spring would hit the airbox so some moving back and the left settled it stretch or grind the mounting holes and youll be golden

lastly airbox boots and intake boots shrink and get hard over time...making carb removal and isntall a pain sometimes

sorry about that, yea the hose coming from the intake box is what keeps coming off. and yea its kinda a hard plastic it seems. I will see about moving the airbox forward some, or maybe make a spacer from the intake box to the hose. as i do think thats a bolted on part.

also, the hose that goes from the carb to the motor holds tight, no issues with that one.

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