bike revs up when riding but isnt going anywhere

I have been noticing if I get on the gas hard my bike will go but then the rpms will get high and the bike wont be going it just revs up, took clutch apart today and im not sure what a worn out clutch plate looks like but id say the plates had a millimeter of padding on them? last ride I changed tranny oil rode bike about 30 minutes but it was getting worse so I took it home and drained oil and the oil was already black! 08crf450 have never changed clutch. could this be it?

What oil?

the fiber clutch plates minimum spec thickness is 2.85mm . Use a $10 digital caliper to measure a few spots around the fiber.. if less than 2.9mm, i would replace em. check the clutch spring free length, the minimum length for those is in the manual (don't know it off hand). weack clutch springs will allow the clutch to slip, but my money is on the fibers being toast..and thin.

Sounds like your clutch is slipping. Firstly just check the cable adjustment to ensure cable is not tight for any reason,Check the friction plate thickness min 2,85 mm or 0.112" check the spring free length min 44.7 mm or 1.76" . Hopefully it will be one of them, if not then the steel plates may be warped.

well I checked the clutch cable and its only a few months old and it seemed okay. I had already put the clutch back together and Im hoping the clutch is just bad cause I ordered EBC clutch plates and springs anyways. is there a certain way to put the plates in? I noticed the plates have a notch on the friction plates

As far as I can see in the manual there is no mention of a notch in the friction plates, this may just be for reference so you can the return the plates into the same grooves if you remove them. Before you put the new plates in soak them in transmission oil, then fit them alternating between plates and discs starting with the a plate (8 plates and 7 discs). Then fit the lifter rod, lifter piece and needle bearing (oil the moving parts) , fit the pressure plate , springs and bolts and the torque in a criss cross pattern to 12nm (9ftlbs).

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