gm stereo problems

Having stereo problems with my 2004 chevy suburban.

I can go several days without issue, then without provocation, the sound will get staticky and it will lose power long enough for the clock to reset, it will repeat this several times until I get sick of it and turn it off.

I did partially pull the stereo once and wiggle the wires on the back side, but it didnt make any difference.

Not sure if this is a internal stereo problem or if its a power feed problem.

Anybody experience this and if so, how did you remedy it?

I thought about just replacing with a aftermarket stereo, but I dont want to replace it if its not the problem.

its most likely the radio, when i wrenched for gm they always had problems with the radios

Most likely it is the antenna wire/feed. The antenna will cause the stereo to act as if the ground is loose (all the symptom that you described). It's a thick coax cable (like your cable cable) that plugs in (usually) at the top right hand side of the stereo, it is a push in plug and held with 4 flat "barbs". If the barbs don't "seat" correctly (usually happens w/after-market stereos) it will wiggle loose with vibration and cause intermittent problems, including the clock not working, or the whole display going out, except the background light, and leaving no functions of the stereo.

Inspect the ground strap that run behind then engine to the firewall.

good suggestions, I am going to check the antenna and ground this weekend.

I will post back what I come up with.

I pulled the antenna on the back side of the radio and re-inserted it, have only driven the truck a couple times since then, but so far so good. If it changes I will post back

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