KDX200 Flywheel on a KX250!

Hey all,

I just bought a KX250 a couple weeks ago and wanted to put lights on it and a heavy fly wheel weight. Having a few KDXs around, I thought I would see if the flywheel would fit on the KX, and it did! The stator plate would not line up with any of the mounting holes, so I just CNCed a new one. The KDX flywheel is keyed 180 degrees from the KX flywheel, but this works out as the wiring exits the case 180 degrees apart as well. I used the KDX coil and CDI box as well. I rode it and it is an awesome little tractor now. I couldn't notice any difference between the KX and KDX ignition timing. I used some aluminum standoffs to get the coils elevated off the stator plate.





The big lighting coil is custom would and puts out 7 amps@12V at a slightly high idle. Link is here:


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I still have to build a 3/8" spacer for the cover. Next on the list :)

Very interesting! Should be something about any KX250 owner could pull off. BTW, what year KX250 did you do this to? BTW, just a little side thought, since you made your own stator plate anyways, you might have been able to make it where it could hold two lighting coils.

I picked up a kdx250 lighting stator and it bolted right up. As did the flywheel. I plan to use my stock kx black box and kdx stator. Not sure if I will get it to work but I'm hopeful.

1997 KX250

2 lighting coils might mess with the ignition, I see that Kawa mounted the lighting coil as advanced as possible from the ignition coil. I assume they were avoiding strange magnetic dynamics.

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Well, the SR KDX's had three coils. One ignition and two lighting.

This is a pic from KDXrider member KDXsq's stator from his SR. I believe as long as you keep the ignition coil in the same position as stock, and everything clears, you would be good.


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Thanks SS109, because of you I now have to go make another stator plate........! ;)

Thanks SS109, because of you I now have to go make another stator plate........! ;)

Hey, now, don't go blaming me! :D I was just pointing out possibilities. BTW, if you get it to work with two lighting coils I bet you could sell a few stator plates if you made them fit the KDX200. I know I would be down for at least one! :thumbsup:

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Any way to mod the original stator plate? Not everyone has a CNC.

Any progress on this? and if you got this to work where do I send money?

I was with out internet that week and missed this, great job turbo. If I didn't have my elines I would be calling you too.


Thanks for the Kudos no1clyde! :ride:

I haven't made a dual plate yet and probably won't for a while, I'll let yall know when I do.

Now, if yall get a possi together and throw $$$ at me, it might bubble to the top of the list.

Im in for 2!

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