Does Scott steering damper fit with IMS 3.2 gallon tank?

I have an 08 450X and usually have an IMS 3.2 gallon tank fitted. I have older run 450X with stock tanks and a damper so am aware of how they fit and it looks like it could be a very tight fit to get the damper 'post' in and the tank, as the tank extends further to the headstock than stock tank. Has anyone else got this combination to work OK? A photo would be great if possible.


Krannie - thanks for the quick response and the photos. Looks tight but it does fit. Time to order myself a late Christmas present for some long desert rides I have planned here in Oman and the UAE.

For most of the long winter rides I need the 6.6 gallon tank which has plenty of space up front but in the hot summers the rides are shorter and a smaller 3.2 gallon tank is fine but I still want to the able to keep the damper on.

Thanks again.

I've got the stock bars with stock risers and that fits well too.

Krannie = the CRF-X Encylopedia Britannica

Krannies pic is probably a little better but this link show the damper mounted to the bike with an IMS tank. All of the JCR Baja team bikes run this set up with no problems at all and it is a very common fitment with either the 3.2 IMS or the 4.0 IMS tanks.



Krannie = the CRF-X Encylopedia Britannica

i cant disagree--- plus that pic gives me an idea of how all the D-S stuff i just ordered yesterday is supposed to look when i get it mounted

Ooooh, my bike was so shiny and new and clean, back then......*sigh*.......

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