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alberta canada winter jetting

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been playing around trying to find the right winter jetting. i know its impossible to tell me exactly what i need but would like to know if iam on the right track.

my summer setup

Summer jetting 60 degrees f

165 main

45 pilot

needle on 3rd

1.5 turns out idle screw

not sure on pilot air screw


main jet gone tried 168 and will not run

pilot jet still have 45 in (local shop has orderd two sets and compeltly wrong hopefully will be right 3rd try) will be getting a 48 and 50

needle moved down to 2nd from bottom

idle screw same

pilot air same

temp is around 30 degrees f

bike fires up with choke on and will run on choke for a 1min then stalls (running lean?) turn choke off wile running will not idle and can only keep running by giving throttle. have not been able to ride it too see if main jet is lean

hope a bigger pilot will help but just keep second guessing all of this.

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An old saying here in Finland for the 2 strokes, is around 10 bigger main jet and 5 bigger pilot jet.

I got a 2007 rm 250 that ive had some jetting issues with, or its a bit lean from 1/3 to 3/4 throttle. Doesnt matter what i do its always the same, but idle and WOT is good.

It has new crank seals and some other stuff, but it will soon need a total rebuild.

Well anyways Jetting.

Air screw around 1 turn out.

I belive i had the NECH needle in it. 4th clip from top "Richer side"

Havent touched the power jet. I guess i would need to look at that and try if TPS and the power jet works.

Summer jets 175/50

Winter jets 185/55

Never fouled a plug on it.

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ok so i ve been playing and still not right be getting there

changed main to 162

pilot to 50

2nd from top on needle

everything else the same

runs but is way way too rich lots of smoke and sputters at any point in throttle

so went back down

main 160

pilot 48

2nd from top on needle

same as above

runs rich from closed to 1/4 throttle than runs great above that

will moving the clip down help fix this moving down the pilot again i end up where i started and bike will not idle?

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