Nitrogen Recharge Locations


I am looking to recharge my nitrogen in my shock and am unsure of places around me that will do it. I took a gauge to it and got a whopping 40lbs. I believe it's supposed to be around 130-140. I assume because it is a 1998 it would have leaked out eventually. Anyone know of a local area in Mid Massachusetts, North CT, or North RI? Thanks for any replies.

If you know of a place and have had it done could you be so kind to leave what they charged you? I have read between $10-25 which is nothing major to me, so I wouldn't have any problems with the price, seeing as it isn't something that has to be done monthly.

I have heard you can actually get Costco to fill it up. Thats all they use when they air up car/truck tires. They are all over so you should be able to find one close. I miss MA :o(

Pretty sure most motorcycle dealers cam do it. I worked at Enfield motorsports and they do it there. Also there's R.E.P suspension in westspringfield,ma

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Where did you end up going? I live south of Boston, just rebuilt my shock and i need somewhere cheap to fill it.

I just had mine rebuilt by a local guy with seals and charge for 125.00 $,if it lost its charge it may be leaking. In Monson,just south of the hill climb Rt32.

grab the phone number off his bike,yes this was my lowered shock off the flat track/ice bike. Edited by slideleft

Manchester Honda in CT can do it.

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