RM125 Idle screw

Here is a photo of the carb and a photo of the carb in the manual for a kein 1999-2000 model rm 125



In the manual it says #17 is the Idle screw and #16 is the pilot screw

but i cant seem to figure out which is which.

Could someone help me out

Thanks in advance

The screw above the fuel line, the dark colored one at an angle, is the idle screw. The small brass one to the right of the fuel line is the air screw.

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Hey thanks for the quick response. ill try turn the idle screw in more to make the thing idle, which it does not want to do.

The diagram was confusing because it looks like the two screws are supposed to be next to each other.

Thanks again

All the idle screw does is push the slide up slightly allowing just a bit more air in to raise the rpm. It's never a bad thing to take carb off take apart and clean every nook and cranny and replace the float needle. Carb kits are cheap and worth doing at least once a year due to this ethanol crap we have to use.

^^^ LIKE HE SAID!!!^^^ Make sure that carb is clean inside every year, or even after it sits a while. ESPECIALLY the pilot circuit!!! Bikes will not idle if that circuil is blocked, or even just partially blocked. Twisting the idle screw will let it idle, and mask a lean condition. Seen it many times! Not taking care of the lean contition will cause failure

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