Small amount of blue smoke on hard deceleration CRF230 2008

I have noticed that my sons crf230 puffs out a little blue smoke on hard deceleration (like he is engine braking down a long steep hill). Bike runs great and doesnt seem to smoke any other time, nor does it seem to consume any oil. Is this the beginning of an issue, or not something to worry about? Bike is a 2008. We are 2nd owner. Bought it with original tires, so bike shouldnt have more than 100 hours total.

Sounds like either rings or valve seals possibly. If it only smokes on decel the throttle is closed and it is really trying to suck the air it needs from somewhere besides through the carb cause it is closed. I would look at the intake valve seals first. Rings would make it smoke on heavy acceleration it seems, and also cause a crankcase pressure issue.

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