One Industries helmet/SixSixOne boot sizing

Hey guys,

I'm in the market for a new helmet and pair of boots. I don't have any dealers around me that carry ONE helmets or sixsixone boots, so I can try them on before I buy them. Do the one industries Gamma helmets and sixsixone Flight boots fit true to size? I currently have a bell moto 8 and Alpinestars tech 3 boots. I actually ordered a bell moto 9 in a size larger and it was actually too small for me. I'm also a bigger guy and so my calfs are bigger, that's really my only concern with the boots. Thanks in advance with the help!

this is basically the same gear set up i am using. gamma helmet with 661 comp boots. the helmet size is the same size with any other helmet i.have had. for the boot, i wear an 11.5/12 sneaker and I have 11 boots that are PERFECT. so i would say the boots run a little on the big side.

The Flight boot is a little on the large side but the Gamma helmets fit true to size.

I wear both the One helmet and 661 boots, boots are just a little big, but helmet is spot on!

Awesome! Thanks for the info guys! I think I'm gonna go for both the helmet and boots.

I have the 661 comp boots in a size 12, normally I wear about an 11.5 or 12 in vans and other shoes. The boots fit me pretty well, maybe a little big but nothing too loose.

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I bought a set of flight boots a few years ago and I found right the opposite. They are small for their size. Unless I got a mis-labeled pair. The size 11 was more like a 10.

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