I have a new respect for track racers

Thursday night I went out to an arenacross track because my bud rented out the arena for a couple hours. Why not? It's free!

But there were a couple hiccups.

For seven years, since learning to ride until October 2012 I had been on a CRF100F. In October I bought my first man's bike, a CRF250R. Needless to say it was a bit of a jump. I had never taken this bike offroad before. My only experience was police chases on the streets... don't ask.

Also, in addition to never taking a bike I wasn't quite familiar with offroad, I had never been to a track before, let alone gotten any air time at all on a dirtbike.

I was feeling the pressure.

Long story short, my AX performance was pitiful. It was extremely hard work and obviously required plenty of precision and skill.

To those who are quality racers, my hat goes off to you.

thanks! Yawn........

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