ex-Quad racer looking for opinions..

Trying to decide what bike would be perfect for mainly harescramble riding with some occasional mx riding? I am an A-class xc quad rider, and I have owned a ktm 250xcf that was nicely fitted, but underpowered for me. Who really makes a bike great for both worlds?

Hard to serve 2 masters, but a KTM 300 XC would get my vote. I can't with a good conscience recommend a 4 stroke..... :lol: Just kidding,.... a 450 xc or Honda 450x would probably work too :ride:

The two masters thing is very true. Gotta decide what you are primarliy going to use if for in my book and hedge that way. Suspension setup alone makes a big difference MX vs fast woods riding. 450's tend to be 'piggish' if you are going to do much single track, they can work well though on more open GNCC type courses. If I wanted to do mostly woods with some MX mixed in it would be a 250 or 300 XC.

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