250 2strokes racing 250 4strokes again?


just wondering peoples opinion on these two kinds racing side by side again

being canadian and a die hard 2 stroke guy i like the idea

its been going on around here for 3 years now........its good for the sport!!!

On an enclosed track I'd say it might be fair

I came off a 250f to a 250 smoker and when I had the f I remember keeping a good pace with some of the 450's. But of course it's all about the rider.

Off road or larger tracks my 2 stroke kills my 250f!! Hands down!

The racing will still be the same, the real advantages come to part-timers as racing a 2t is considerably cheaper. You'll basically will be able to jump on a bone stock 250 2t and be competitive against a modded 250f. That being said, someone like Leading Edge running Kawasakis will see little effect as they have very high performing 250fs at their disposal. The disadvantage is tracks aren't built for 2ts anymore. Long straights, hardpack ground combined with big sweeping turns makes it very difficult for 2t riders.

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I think it will keep some people more interested/able to compete in the sport where they may have had to back out if they couldn't afford the newest and "best" 4T machines. Plus there are those who just refuse to let the 2T go and won't race on a 4T.

For me the best thing about it is the motivation for the japan manufacturers to R+D 2 strokes again.

not another one of these threads :smashpc:

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