WR250R questions

Im interested in getting a wr250r sometime in the near future because I want a street bike but also want a dirtbike and dont have the money to get both right now.

I have some concerns though the biggest one is the seat height...

I used a tape measure and measured to where the seat would be and it would be pretty much right at the top of my waist ( havent gone to see one at a dealer yet as there isnt one nearby)

If this was going to be a dirt only bike I wouldnt care.. Ive riden dirtbikes higher than the wrr with no problems.. but for stop and go traffic it seems like this would be a major issue

And I absolutely refuse to lower a dirtbike if I get one I will be taking it on motocross tracks and thrashing on it in the woods and in no way is lowering an already sub par dirt bike going to help its dirt ability

I will also want to be comuting on the highway to work ( 20 miles of highway there then 20 miles back) Which I have no doubt it can handle since ive seen reports of people doing very long trips on these bikes

There is little use to riding that bike on a moto-x track unless you want to destroy it! Proper suspension sag will be somewhere around 4" with you on board. Dont try to make it do what it wasn't designed to and you will be fine, and set up properly the height wont be an issue unless you're a "little person", or weak limbed.

The WR250R is a fantastic bike for commuting and light off-road riding. The seat height being an issue is completely dependent on your inseam and weight. If you only have a 30 inch inseam and tip the scales at 105 lbs, then you will probably have to get a lowering link or some custom suspension work to be able to touch when at a stop.

As stated above, these bikes are not intended to be thrashed on an MX track or ridden like dedicated MX or trail machine. If you want to take it for a leisurely trail ride, or burn down a fire road now and again, then it is more than capable for that. Clearing triples and bombing the whoops section will destroy this bike in only a matter of laps.

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It's a damn solid trail machine actually. No you shouldn't hammer it through the whoops to often for your own sake but if roots, rocks and miles of offload adventure are on the books don't overlook the WRR.

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