twinshock conversion on a 1981 XR 500 mono shocker

I am Matt from Cape Town , South Africa. I have been on dirt bikes for many years, and started VMX a few years back, restoring a 82, CR 480.

I raced this bike a few times and love the VMX crowd and atmosphere! I also race modern MX and endure and trials, basically anything done on dirt with 2 wheels.

I had to sell the 480 again, but have a new one in bits, waiting for time and $$$, but should be in the first corner before long.

I recently got given a 1981 XR500 by my brother to sell for him, but decided to keep it. After looking at what it will need to look decent, I decided to investigate the possibility of turning it into a twin-shocker. Weld lugs to the swing-arm and frame and build a proper race bike out of it.

What are your thoughts on this option, and pointers pleas.



Why in the world do you want to do this?

Hi YZTec,

This XR is really in bad shape. it has the wrong seat and tank, and is just very untidy. I love XR's, but cant stand ratty ones.

this one is strong , motor wise and stable running, just to much little things that will take to much time and precision to get just right.

I recon that turning it into something like a Mugen replica, has a lot more room for variance, and you can fit a very wide variety of parts, and still look good, if you catch my drift? Having a Twin Shock race bike will also allow me to enter a bigger variety of VMX race classes.

I have since looked at plenty pictures of C&J framed 500 Hondas, and I will modify the sub-frame myself to accommodate the shockers.

I will start taking pictures and post for anyone interested.


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