Anyone ridden the R and X?

So I used to own a 2006 CRF250R back in highschool but we moved and I had to sell it for college. Fast forward to today and I am currently in the Marines just got stationed here in Kaneohe, Hawaii. I am looking into getting another bike and I know there is a track around here as well as quite a few good trails. I really need the X because I have to street legal it so I can drive to and from the track as well as get around to the trails with it. Basically I am curious as to how the X stacks up against the R. Is the detuned motor a huge difference as well as the suspension for track use? Just hoping I will not be let down after riding the R for a couple years. Also considered a 450X but not sure I need that much bike as I had a great time on my 250R when I had it. Thanks guys.

R more betta for track

X better for trail.

It's a tough call if u want to do both, I have a 06 CRF 250X & 07 CRF 450R I will ride the 450 any day of the week over the 250X even on the trails. Not the best comparison becouse one is a 250 and one is a 450. The bike manufactures do a really good job designing the bike for a spacifc use. My advise is ask ur self what do u really want to do more and that will help u answer the question. I will say this my x is defiantly not great for track. If u really get back into riding on the track u will wish u had the R IF u get the X.

Hope this helps

I just recently got to try my buddies 06 250r at the track after riding my 07 250x for so long. I have my x uncorked a lil bit with some CCC mods but no aftermarket parts. Even with some mods, his stock 06 was a world of difference in power, snappiness, and weight. I would definently get the r if I had the chance now, no question, even for trails. The x was a great learner bike for me (started out riding desert) but riding the r has changed me, and since u started on an r, you would feel restricted on the x no doubt.

I am thinking of going with a 450x to find sort of a mid ground. Granted it's a 450 but it will give me my X capabilities and extra power that I would be missing going from a 250r to a 250x. Only thing is the extra weight but no bike is perfect. If I had a truck (currently have a little mitsubishi sedan) I would just grab a 250r and truck it over to the riding areas, but unfortunately I need something that can drive itself there.

I had a 2006 R with all kinds of mods, exhaust, suspension, etc. I got rid of it about a month ago to get a 2006 X. My X is bone stock besides a Baja Designs street legal kit and aluminum engine guards, a glide plate, and a couple other aluminum guards and it only has about 30 hours on it. I unfortunately haven't gotten the chance to see dirt on my X yet, but just from riding around the block on the street I can definetly feel a difference. The X is noticeably heavier, but I'd say a better beginner/trail bike than my R was. If you want to go out and compete at the track than the R is the obvious answer, but I think the X can be competitive on the trails and in the desert with a little bit of modding. Hope it helps.

P.S. thank you for serving our country.

I have ridden the following

Stock 05 CRF250R

Stock 04 CRF250X

Stock 07 CRF250X

Heavily Modded 07 CRF250X

Modded 08 CRF250R

That being said I can say that the stock suspension on the X models is good ONLY for trail riding. I am about 30 pounds under weight for the 250x and even with that the suspension can't really handle much of a hit. The front forks also seem to blow through the compression dampening very quickly making it unpredictable at times especially in sand. The 250R's that I rode seemed MUCH snappier than the stock X model bikes however my 07 X with all the mods I have done over the years is just about as snappy as a 250R now. The suspension on the 250R's that I have ridden were great on the track as you would expect. It would soak up anything that I could dish out at my skill level. Take the same bike and take it in the woods and it's like riding a pogo stick. Suspension just bounces off of everything. As far as the transmissions go I think after riding both that I actually prefer the close ratio tranny of the R. The spacing between gears on the X is just slightly too much. As a result I usually run a gear lower on my X and rev the piss out of her to keep that power coming.

If the question is which bike is a better a stock 250R or a stock 250X I would pick the 250R every time. Given an unlimited budget and again asked the same question I would take the X every time. Just as a frame of reference I have done the following to my 07 250X (performance and handling wise)

-Suspension revalve for woods

-MRD Racing Exhaust

-07 250R Cylinder Head

-07 250R Cam

-13.5:1 piston

-JD Jet Kit

-Cut open airbox

-Removed backfire screen

-Pink wire mod

-R&D Flex jet fuel screw

-Scotts Sub mount damper (untested)

-22mm offset triple clamps (untested)

With all these mods my X is now on par with the R's that I have ridden. Add in the fact that you also have a light, kickstand, and estart and the X is a winner in my book. Looking back at the thousands of dollars I have dumped into this bike to get it to perform and handle like I want I probably should have just ponied up the extra cash and bought a KTM. That being said I do love my 250X and will likely keep it forever since it was the first new bike I have ever purchased. Hope this helps.

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