Re map EFI for CRF 450 year 2011?


I just bought an Akrapovic complete exhaust, and I read and hear that I need to "re map" my injection. How do I do that?

I live in Morocco, so very far from the states, so I cannot go to a Honda dealer to get it done.

Can someone please explain how does the process of re maping works?

Thanks in advance.


Hi Reda, Check out the Bazzaz Z-Fi line with the Z-AFM (Self Tuning Module) I have the system on the 2012 CRF 450 and it made nice gains throughout the powerband. WWW.BAZZAZ.NET

Thanks. On i saw that one I think for 250$, the yoshi for 350 and fmf for 350$ also. So if i buy any of these, i can remap it myself pretty easily?

Any thoughts on what brand I should buy?


I am tossed between the wiseco and the bazzaz.... The are both around 200$.

Any advice please?


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